Wednesday, July 15, 2009

May...moving to Kansas!

May was a good month for the Smitty Family--after about 22 hours of driving, leaving Friday afternoon and arriving just after lunch on Sunday, with Baba Sue, Patrick, Riley, Lady, and the three cats, we arrived in Kansas. Chris took Patrick immediately to tour the house, pick a bedroom, and discover the massive backyard. The tree house is a big hit, and the views of the creek and the woods behind are pretty impressive. We've seen wild turkey, deer, and pretty much every kind of bird imaginable--cardinals, humming birds, orioles, blue birds, robins... Patrick has taken to assisting with taking care of the huge yard, albeit with his bubble mower, so enjoy the pics!

We went to the LT Dan Band (led by Gary Sinise) concert, celebrated Chris' birthday and our anniversary, and had a great time celebrating Memorial Day with a concert in downtown Kansas City. They KC symphony played, followed by some pretty impressive fireworks. I grew up going to stuff like that, so I'm really excited to share it with the kids.

Riley started eating solids and is particularly fond of sweet potatoes. We're also extremely proud to say that Patrick continues to enjoy his role as big brother...he loves to make Riley laugh, and seems to find a new way every day. The month concluded with the biggest event: the purchase of Patrick's first bike! He LOVES it, and is doing really well. With our cul-de-sac, we've got the perfect "training ground."

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