Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basketball, aka Rugby, has begun!

We've jumped head first into another season of YMCA youth sports. As entertaining as soccer was, basketball is even more so--and complete chaos, too. The kids are trying to dribble, run, push, shoot, cry, block, have snack...all at the same time. Too crazy! As you'll see in the pictures, Patrick is very good at defense...HANDS UP! He has scored as many as 3 baskets in a game, which considering the number of attempts by each team (in whichever net is least blocked, even if it's the wrong one), is a lot! Most games he has a ton of fun just jumping around and chasing the group...and we're having fun watching.
Also, Happy 4 month Birthday to Riley! She's doing great...finally really smiling and I suspect giggling is just around the corner. Chris comes home for the long weekend so it'll be great to have her charm him a bit more.
We had the chance to go to the zoo today because the weather was BEAUTIFUL. No, I didn't think to bring the camera...

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